costume change act

The Costume Change Artists

Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie are the UK's only professional Costume Change Artists. Taught by the famous David and Dania themselves,who shot to fame after entering America's Got Talent, they have got one of the most unique speciality acts around.

Keelan Leyser has been performing magic since the age of 4 after he was given his first magic set. Over the years he has gone from strength to strength and has perfected many different areas of magic to an incredibly high level. These include, Illusions, Mind reading and Mentalism, Close Up Magic, Card Sharking, and now of course Quick Change.

Quick Change is the newest genre of magic added to Keelan's bow, but his passion for the art, has meant he and Charlotte have been able to excel head into this specialist branch of magic.

Keelan and Charlotte first met 5 years ago when they were paired together at a Modern Jive Competition. Keelan had been dancing since 2003 and Charlotte, all her life. They instantly had a chemistry, and after the competition was over, began working together on the illusion show. Over the years this progressed into an interest in Quick Change. When they were fortunate enough to book private lessons with the master David and Dania, they jumped at the chance. Ever since then they have been perfecting the act, to make it better and better.

Shortly after their private lessons with David and Dania, Keelan and Charlotte were offered a contract with the well loved Children's entertainer - Basil Brush. The massive 110 show theatre tour of the UK, meant they would get all the practice they needed, and were able to make changes at every stage of the tour with the help from their costume design and seamstress

After the tour ended, they decided to enter the British Magical Championship which was being held three months later in Blackpool at the Opera House. Keelan had previously won the Junior title when he was 14, and decided the time was right to try for the Adult title.

After three months of solid rehearsals after the tour ended, they went to Blackpool feeling ready to win, and luckily, their feelings were right. They took away their category prize of General Magic, followed by the Grand Prix Award for Magic for 2007! They won the whole competition and were crowned British Magical Champions 2007, and still remain undefeated Champions of this title.

They were seen by 3500 magicians, and agents from all over the world.

Shortly, after they won the competition, they were approached to begin work onboard some of the most luxury cruise liners on the high seas. Firstly with Princess Cruises, for 6 months, then followed by Norwegian Cruise Lines, for a further 9 months. Interspersed with the Cruise Ships, Keelan and Charlotte still remained performing at corporate events, and flying to and from the ships to other events.

They are based in London, and are currently working on corporate events in the UK, as well as other projects.